Giving research back to
the scientific community

We’re a transparent & continuous open access review platform which rewards your academic expertise.

These are the 5 principles we believe in

Transparent reviews

Nabu believes knowledge should always be open for everyone. That is why the whole scientific review process is transparent on our platform, from the initial review process up to any revisions in the future.


Decentralised power

Nabu has automated the role of the traditional editor. The platform automatically looks for the best peer experts to review your article by using an algorithm to select and evaluate reviewers.


Continuous reviews

Knowledge always evolves, so reviewing old articles, to highlight the changes, stays relevant for future scientific discoveries.


Intellectual property belongs to the authors

At Nabu we believe if you’re writing an article, you should always keep the intellectual property of that article and the ability to share it wherever you want. (via open access licensing)


Contributions are rewarded

If your contributions are considered valuable for the community, we believe you should be rewarded with credits, expertise and world wide exposure.